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Thank you for choosing Party Supplies Aberdeen. We want everyone to have a great SAFE time using our soft play. We ask that you please take a look over our Do’s and Don'ts document. If you have any queries, please ask at the time of us installing the equipment or feel free to call us on 07749436823.

  1. DO supervise the soft play at ALL times. This must be supervised by a responsible adult aged 18 and over

  2. DO ensure that the soft play is not overcrowded, limit numbers according to the age and size of children using it.

  3. DO ensure that no one uses the soft play if they have a history of back or neck problems, or any child who is feeling unwell.

  4. DO wear socks on the soft play

  5. DO cover the soft play with a tarpaulin when using outdoors if it starts to rain as this is not waterproof (when left with one)

  6. DO ensure all balls are placed in the soft play ball pit for collection


  1. DO NOT move the soft play once this has been set up by a trained member of staff.

  2. DO NOT wear shoes, glasses, jewellery, badges, sharp items, face paints while using the soft play

  3. DO NOT use party poppers, glitter or silly string as this will stain the soft play

  4. DO NOT allow pets, toys or sharp instruments on or near the soft play

  5. DO NOT smoke near the soft play

  6. DO NOT allow any person with food, drinks or chewing gum to play on or near the soft play as this could cause choking and mess  

  7. DO NOT allow children to use the soft play when it is  raining as the mats will become slippery. 

Do's & Don'ts Soft Play

Please contact us using the following information if you have additional questions after reading the do's & don'ts above 

Email -

Call - 07749436823

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