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Thank you for choosing Party Supplies Aberdeen. We want everyone to have a great SAFE time using our Up & Down Roller Coaster. We ask that you please take a look over our Do’s and Don'ts document. If you have any queries, please ask at the time of us delivering the up & down roller coaster or feel free to call us on 07749436823

  1. DO ensure the equipment is supervised by an adult at all times

  2. DO allow enough room at bottom of platform    for car to glide safely

  3. DO enter the car when it is safely in place at top of slide platform and both rear wheels are   inserted into both slots

  4. DO only allow children to use the equipment (manufacture recommendation 2-5 years)

  5. DO ensure no obstacles are in front of slide platform (including people) placed in front of slide platform

  6. DO hold on to the front bar with both hands at all times and both feet resting on the front slots until car comes to a complete stop

  7. DO always wear shoes when using equipment


  1. DO NOT move the platform slide     once it has been set up by a member of staff

  2. DO NOT place items such as drinks  or food on or near the equipment

  3. DO NOT walk or run up/down slide platform

  4. DO NOT allow pets near the equipment

  5. DO NOT   go down backwards

  6. DO NOT attach any sticky items to the equipment

  7. DO NOT   use a  different toy /car to go down slide platform, only the allocated yellow car should be used

  8. DO NOT   allow adults to use equipment

  9. DO NOT allow more than one person to use at any time


Do's & Don'ts Up & Down Roller Coaster

Please contact us using the following information if you have additional questions after reading the do's & don'ts above 

Email -

Call - 07749436823

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