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Thank you for choosing Party Supplies Aberdeen. We want everyone to have a great SAFE time using our inflatable disco nightclub & cinema. We ask that you please take a look over our Do’s and Don'ts document. If you have any queries, please ask at the time of us installing the inflatable or feel free to call us on 07749436823.

  1. DO supervise the inflatable at ALL times. This must be supervised by a responsible adult aged 18 and over

  2. DO ensure that the inflatable is not overcrowded 

  3. DO turn off the inflatable if the wind speed picks up as operating an inflatable with wind speed gusts over 24mph is dangerous. Please contact Party Supplies Aberdeen for further instructions

  4. DO ensure all users are aware to exit the inflatable quickly by the exit door if the inflatable unexpectedly starts to deflate (this may happen due to a loss of power)

  5. DO turn off the inflatable at the end of the evening when no longer in use (please ensure no people or any sharp items are left in the inflatable before turning it off. This includes bottle tops, glasses, bottles etc

  6. DO store all electrical equipment indoors when not in use (speaker, projector etc)


  1. DO NOT wear high heel shoes inside the inflatable (this will damage the floor)

  2. DO NOT move the inflatable or touch the ground stakes once they have been set up

  3. DO NOT allow any pets or sharp items in or near the inflatable

  4. DO NOT use party poppers, glitter or silly string as this will stain the inflatable

  5. DO NOT smoke or have barbecues in or near the inflatable

  6. DO NOT allow Climbing, hanging or sitting on walls on the inflatable as this is DANGEROUS.

  7. DO NOT allow anyone to be on the inflatable during inflation or deflation as this is DANGEROUS.

  8. DO NOT stand on the LED furniture (if provided)

  9. DO NOT attach anything to the inflatable including tape/blue tac etc

  10. DO NOT use your own furniture inside the inflatable including tables and chairs as this may cause 

Do's & Don'ts Inflatable Disco Nightclub & Cinema

Please contact us using the following information if you have additional questions after reading the do's & don'ts above 

Email -

Call - 07749436823

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