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Thank you for choosing Party Supplies Aberdeen. We want everyone to have a great SAFE time using our tiki bar. We ask that you please take a look over our Do’s and Don'ts document. If you have any queries, please ask at the time of us delivering the tiki bar or feel free to call us on 07749436823.

  1. DO supervise the tiki bar at ALL times. This must be supervised by a responsible adult aged 18 and over

  2. DO remove all decorations before collection


  1. DO NOT move the tiki bar once this has been set up by a member of staff

  2. DO NOT use glitter or silly string as this will stain the tiki bar

  3. DO NOT allow pets near the tiki bar

  4. DO NOT allow Climbing, hanging or sitting on the tiki bar

  5. DO NOT attach any sticky items to the tiki bar including cellotape, pins etc as this may damage the paint work (blue tac is permitted)

Do's & Don'ts Tiki Bar

Please contact us using the following information if you have additional questions after reading the do's & don'ts above 

Email -

Call - 07749436823

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